Designing Visually Engaging Learning Spaces

We live in a visual society. Both adults and children are learning to navigate their consumption of information using the screens available to them. Active learning spaces are a great way to model how to see information, process information in an academic way, and reflect on that visual information.

Finding synergy between the physical and digital learning spaces can have a multiplier effect for schools looking to grow modern learners. By coupling the best practice in learning space design with excellent technology tools, schools can transform into amazing places of learning.

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Light and sound are key elements of learning space design. Past generations of visual displays have struggled to overcome classrooms that have ample natural light and/or challenging acoustics. We are moving into an era where excellent visual displays are available to truly support classroom strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

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Bringing experts into the classroom open our students up to new opportunities, new experiences, and new points of view. Having excellent displays makes this process both more engagement and easier to manage the technology needed to make this happen.

  • What Educators are Saying

    "There is an important relationship between where students problem solve and how they do it. Students feel held back in traditional classrooms."

    Lamar Schrader
    English Teacher, Lake Travis ISD