Common Learning Area

Space for Collaboration

Flexible Learning Spaces

Learning spaces continue to evolve as many teachers, schools, and districts learn the value of bringing an active learning space to all students. In reshaping the space, there is often a reshaping of the way that teachers facilitate learning. Large common spaces that facilitate learning are key to supporting the skills that students need in a modern work world.

Common learning spaces often allow for multiple places of focus during a single class period. Having a variety of Dell display technology in these spaces promote collaboration and allow students to stay in their natural learning position. Using technology rich common spaces also provides a number of other advantages as well. It adds to the agility of the learning.

“Using multiple displays in larger learning spaces has opened up new possibilities for me as a teacher. I’m always thinking about new ways to use my learning space so that all students have a chance to be fully engaged in the learning,” commented a veteran teacher who recently redesigned her space.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Active learning spaces, especially large common areas, are often filled with the latest things, but we have to remember that the key to success is that they have to be focused primarily on the learning and the learning.

Active learning spaces promote creativity and problem solving. Two of the most in-demand skills in our modern economy.

Active learning spaces push our thinking as educators to ask the question why. Why do we need space to support learning? Why are we making these changes? Why do things need to be different? Too often in schools, classroom design is led by inertia, momentum, and tradition. It is time that we have intentional design in learning spaces that focuses on the right visual experience for students.

The flow of information from teacher display to student display and back must be a consideration in the modern learning spaces. Having the right technology that supports this open dialogue about ideas can create a learning tempo that engages more students.

Teacher Voices

Take a few moments to listen to what some other teachers are saying about using technology and learning spaces to grow ideas.

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  • What Educators are Saying

    "Students are using our common space and outside courtyards to collaborate and connect with their fellow students." 

    Gwen Finegan
    science teacher, Hudson Bend Middle School (TX)