Large Collaboration Space

Space for Curiosity

Humanizing the Screen Experience

The phone screen and the computer screen are often places where solitary work happens. The classroom display or displays can be a place of true idea sharing and curiosity building. The most effective collaboration spaces have systems where students can wirelessly share to a large display for feedback and celebration. This changes the role of peer feedback, and it gives the students an opportunity to learn in a supportive culture with their peers.

“How does this work? Where can I get one of those? Have you ever seen one of those before?”

Inquiry and Curiosity

These are the questions of curiosity, and the modern space can be setup to explore these questions and more. Curiosity leads to interesting places, and with the knowledge of the world in our pockets or on our desk, we can accelerate learning.

Ideas in isolation are rarely the best solutions. Ideas baked by others and synthesized with other ideas create the basis for sustainable solutions. These sorts of solutions can happen when learning spaces are supported by a healthy culture of cooperation as well as the tools to make this a reality

Teacher Voices

Take a few moments to listen to what some other teachers are saying about using technology and learning spaces to grow ideas.

Gwen’s Story

Kevin’s Story

  • What Educators are Saying

    "You never really know if students understand until they have technology in their hands and they produce something to showcase their work. We need to move from student consumers to students creators."

    Mark Robinson
    Principal, Bowie High School (TX)