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Space for Ideas

Idea Rich Classrooms

Bringing ideas to life for an audience is a critical skills for all learners. Ideas trapped in classrooms without an authentic audience never grow to full capacity. This makes presentation skills a central tenant in the modern career. Having the proper visual display to accompany a presentation is also essential.

More classrooms are focusing on having their students presenting more often as a way to build capacity and confidence. This also allows students to iterate, learning from past mistakes and incorporating feedback in the learning process.

Everyday is a day for presentation in my classroom. Having student voice central to the learning has added energy and engagement to the classroom. Having student showcase their hard work visually has been essential,” said a drama teacher in Florida that sees performance as a key career skill.

The Power of Story

Creating, designing, and imagining a high quality presentation is a skill that is a lifelong process. It requires seeing your presentation as a visual context to the story arc being told throughout the presentation. Classrooms that have great displays allow students to begin to learn these concepts through experience.

Storytelling is a central strategy to excellent persuasion. Not every student will write plays, produce movies, or publish a book, but every student will use words, images, and video to tell story. Beginning these opportunities with students supports the modern learning experience, but it is very difficult in legacy learning spaces.

Teacher Voices

Take a few moments to listen to what some other teachers are saying about using technology and learning spaces to grow ideas.

Amy’s Story

Ryan’s Story

  • What Educators are Saying

    "When students are absent or taking a trip, they still have the opportunity to access their lessons because of our technology. It is truly about growing the opportunity to interact."

    Amy Castillo
    social studies teacher, Hudson Bend Middle School (TX)