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Space for Showcase

Making to Show Learning

Modern learning spaces allow for the learning process to emerge and be visible. Writing, drawing, and visual mapping allow for creativity, and modern learning space provide more writeable spaces for this work. Legacy learning spaces wear down teachers. Today’s classrooms can promote inquiry and deep learning as they allow students to use the tools that facilitate making as a way to showcase learning.

By having an opportunity to collaborate with students around the country, we have really hooked students, and they are not only learning more at school, but taking their work home to complete after school and on the weekends,” digital learning specialist in Missouri.

Thinking About the Research

Research also suggests that we struggle to be creative in spaces that are overly visually stimulating. Visually stimulating rooms often exhaust us cognitively, and tired learners are less creativity and curious. In addition, research suggests that curiosity and movement are closely associated, and legacy learning spaces minimize movement.

Teacher Voices

Take a few moments to listen to what some other teachers are saying about using technology and learning spaces to grow ideas.

Lamar’s Story

Mark’s Story

  • What Educators are Saying

    "Our learning spaces provide something new every day. Kids are collaborating and building those 21st century skills, " 

    Kevin Malandruccolo
    Assistant Principal, Hudson Bend Middle School (TX)