Space for Creativity

The Modern Library

The modern library is a place for students to create. The right combination of flexible furniture and technology tools can make this a reality. Students are seeking places where they can use their creativity and have the support of other students and staff.

Every day professionals are creating with others beyond the office and across state and national boundaries. This level of design and creation needs to happen in the libraries of all schools.

“Each year my students talk with professors in London, and it transforms what they see as possible when it comes to the experts and knowledge in which they have access,” stated a history and womens’ studies teachers dedicated to connected learning.

Building Empathy

Building empathy in students is only possible when students experience people and places beyond their current scope of understanding. Modern learning spaces that feature the types of displays seen above allow students to “travel” to new places and “see” the world.

“Students don’t realize how many adults want them to be successful until they are asked to work with them in real ways. Having the technology to bring adult learning partners into our classrooms in lifelike ways has truly changed my teaching,” stated a digital learning coach in New York.

Teacher Voices

Take a few moments to listen to what some other teachers are saying about using technology and learning spaces to grow ideas.

Mary’s Story

Sherry’s Story

  • What Educators are Saying

    "To watch the energy level of the kids enter the classroom is amazing. They are running to class to the get the seats that they want in our flexible learning environment."

    Pete Hunt
    science teacher, Hudson Bend Middle School (TX)